Goodbye Kenny Login, Hello Swimware / by Jake Vest

Due to impending legal action, American Grapefruit recording artists Kenny Login have been forced to modify their musical moniker in what has been described as a “complete shock” by citizens across the globe.

The original copyright holders of the 80’s-themed name pun issued a stern warning to American Grapefruit in the dark of night last Saturday before disappearing in a wave of vapor. Kenny Loggins could not be reached for comment.

Fans reported that the band’s video for “Speedboat Night Sweat” was disappearing from the Internet as popular retrowave websites pulled the track to avoid becoming ensnared in a synth-filled quagmire.  

As a result, the band decided to rename themselves -- reborn like a phoenix rising from ashes of decades old VHS tapes. Henceforth, Ke*ny Lo*in shall be known across the land as Swimware. Where you once saw K***y L**in, you will see Swimware. New music and more coming soon. Brand new name, same great taste.