"Monolith" by DREAM TEAM finally released! / by Jake Vest

Monolith is the official debut of DREAM TEAM. Formed in 2010 by the trio of Greg Faison (drums), Brent Stabbs (bass), and Jake Vest (guitar), DREAM TEAM has since added the guitars of Joel Gradinger and Aaron Hannah to the roster. The recordings featured here were cut live at Memphis' High/Low Recording and showcase the band's flair for exploring the outer limits of repetitive, trance-inducing grooves. Each track begins with no destination in mind; instead the members lean on top-notch chemistry and dynamic instrumental interplay to keep the songs firmly in orbit. High/Low's expert production/engineering duo Pete Matthews and Toby Vest round out the cast, with the latter also contributing guitar to "Blood Glister".

Monolith is available for digital streaming and iTunes purchase NOW via American Grapefruit.