New Releases: The Echo Friendly / The Third Man / by Jake Vest

We are proud to announce the digital release of The Echo Friendly's Love Panic album. In their darkest hour, the band asked us to lend a hand by putting their LP back on the internet! We gladly obliged. Love Panic includes the hit single "Same Mistakes" which was featured prominently on HBO's strikingly modern dramatic-comedy show Girls.

Also new to the AG repertoire is a southern psychedelic gem by Memphis's own The Third Man (pre-Jack White label, formerly known as Augustine). During the calendar year of 2010, the band ambitiously released a new single each month. Now, for the first time ever, we bring you all 12 singles (plus a bonus track!) in one place. Not to be missed for fans of music!

Both releases are available for stream and purchase on all digital outlets (Links on our Label page). Contribute to the cause!

UPCOMING RELEASES: 1 LP and 2 singles by Memphis psych trio the Sheiks!

Stay tuned and stay weird.